How much does a calibration cost? 

Depending on if you want 2D and 3D calibrated, or just 2D, a calibration for a flat panel display will cost around $395 - $495.

A separate calibration is required for 3D to allow for colour shift and the change in brightness introduced by the glasses.  

projector calibration will cost around $595-$695.  

All calibrations include a comprehensive report of all the settings for your personal records. 


Why isn't calibration done in the factory? 

There are a number of reasons. One is that the cost of properly calibrating each individual screen at a manufacturing level is just not economically viable. Besides, the lighting conditions of the room affect the final outcome of what we see. This needs to be taken into consideration when calibrating a TV – so out-of-the-box perfection just isn’t possible. 

Equally relevant is the extremely competitive TV market; Manufacturers want to catch your attention in that brightly lit shop showroom. The infamous ‘store mode’ – unnaturally bright and colourful – used to be the out-of-the-box default for many TVs and is the biggest reason that TVs look different in the store… they’re all wrong! 


Do you have advice on what to buy? 

There are so many products out there designed for all kinds of applications! 

We recommend you talk with your local Home Theatre/AV specialist to design a system that best meets your requirements and budget. 

Just click LINKS to see a list of stores we recommend in your city. 


How much run-in time does my TV/projector need? 

Ideally, your TV/projector should be run-in before it’s calibrated as the colours do take time to settle and can shift if calibrated too soon. 

For flat panel displays, simply choose a factory picture preset and run it in with 3-4 weeks of normal viewing (100-150hrs) and 20-30hrs for a projector. 


Will my TV/projector need to be recalibrated? 

It depends on how fussy you want to be. However, if you have invested in a quality home theatre system, then image quality must be important! 

Colours will still continue to shift slowly over time with use, but nowhere near as much as in that initial break in period. 

Without being too fussy, it's worth redoing a calibration for a TV every 18-24 months.  

For projectors; after about 1000-1500 hours and again when the lamp is replaced.